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  1. First learnings

    I learn something new from each project. Usually, it is how not to do something. In this case, I didn't label my pieces as well as I might have, so I ended up with a bit of a mess-up in one joint. Luckily, this is when to do it. In any case here are the two concepts:

    Here are the completed views of the arc / leg assembly. First, slightly proud back, proud front.


    Second, ...
  2. The mock-up and choices

    After I get the concepts more or less set, I start to think practical. The first thing do (usually mentally), is figure out a draft sequence of operations. Here is my initial concept for this project.

    Initial sequence thoughts

    1. Legs Bandsaw curve & retape
    2. Legs cut top angle
    3. Legs Cut slot for bridle joint
    4. Legs bandsaw taper & retape
    5. Arc cut bridle joint dado
    6. Arc bandsaw curve and retape
    7. Arc taper ends
    8. Arc & Legs router trim
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  3. Design Process - My approach (Design Developement continued)

    LOML wanted to see a lower shelf on the tall version. What LOML wants, she gets.


    I then tape them up to the wall to review and consider for a while.


    With all of this there was no clear winner. I liked both the tall version and the shorter version. What to do then? Of course, mock up each.
  4. Design Process - My approach (Design Developement)

    After sitting on the idea for a while, I decided it stall had merit. So the next step is to draw it up. I tend to work in 3"=1'-0" scale for a project of this size. I had initially conceived of this as a small table to sit by the couch that LOML might put her magazines or laptop on. I first drew it up as if it were right for that purpose. I chose to start with it being square in proportion when viewed from the front. I draft it out out in proportion and then sketch over it in trace. Here ...
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  5. Excalibur EX-21

    i have had my new/used Excalibur EX-21 scroll saw for about a month now and im finally starting to get the hang of it.
    it needed a few things at first and still does but im happy with the way its running and i have made a few nice items.
    this saw really lives up to its reputation! very very solid saw, the tilting head is a great feature.
    i need to find a good magnifier/light to use with the saw along with a small vac for dust collection.
    i just wish it was still painted ...
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