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  1. Rocket Launcher II Build (Tool Rack) PICS

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Hubl View Post
    Project- Rocket Launcher II
    Searching threads I recently came across Ken Whitneys Tool Rack he made in this thread, , and contacted him for more info on it. Ken was nice enough to send me more info and pics, he also posted that info and pics here for all to use.>
    The "Rocket Launcher"
  2. New shop - Need advice

    Quote Originally Posted by Ole Anderson View Post
    Can't go wrong with the flexibility of pegboard, make sure to get the 1/4" stuff, don't know if they even sell the 1/8" anymore. For the price of drywall, you can get 1/2" OSB which will take a beating compared to drywall and you can screw stuff to it without looking for studs. I have all three in my shop, even have OSB painted and unpainted. Either works fine. Pegboard on the bottom half wouldn't get my vote. Insulating the walls?
    = Ole, not sure what you recommend - did insulate ...
  3. My Shakashima Media Cabinet Conclusion Part 2

    Before fastening on the top, I applied finish to everything - the cabinet, the shelves and the top. I rubbed on two coats of shellac, sanding with 220 grit lightly between each coat. Then I applied an oil/ urethane by hand, sanding with 220 between each coat. After the second coat of oil/urethane, I attached the top and applied the third coat. Once dry, I buffed the finish out with 0000 steel wool, installed the door knobs and hung the adjustable shelves.

    Here's the finished project. ...

    Updated 01-28-2011 at 1:23 PM by Ben Arnott

  4. My Shakashima Media Cabinet Conclusion Part 1

    Well, I was on the home stretch. I had the two doors to make, the shelves for the three bays, the top and finish left to do.

    I wanted inset doors with book matched straight panels to match the sides and to give the piece its Shaker inspiration. I followed the same preparation and construction practices as the sides, trying to be conscious of the grain pattern in the Cherry and Maple. After gluing up the doors, I cut the stiles to length and fit the doors by shimming them until I got ...

    Updated 01-28-2011 at 9:56 AM by Ben Arnott

  5. Little Shop Time

    I sure miss being in the shop. I've been so busy with so many other things, I haven't set foot in the shop except to grab a tape measure or something for an outside job.
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