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  1. Witherby no. 110 block plane

    Quote Originally Posted by Zac wingert View Post

    Here is the box it was in.
    That is a product with the Witherby name and likely nothing to do with the T H Witherby legacy, at least to my knowledge.

    It may be someone who had rights to use the name. It may be the trade mark to the name has become public domain.

    There is also Witherby Publishing, seems to be mostly maritime titles.

    More research would be in order if it is something you have to ...
  2. Need plans for a teacher's podium

    My son is a high school teacher and wants a podium or lecturn. Floor standing, made of mahogany. Does anyone have a suggestion about where I might find plans for such?
  3. My Workbench project

    I don't know anything about blogging, so this is going to be a learning experience for me. I have a thread I started in back in November (I think) about my workbench project. I want to recreate some of the entries for that in this blog, plus add some more stuff. In the past I have kept a journal on some of the projects I have built and always find going back and rereading those to be helpful as I learn to be a better woodworker. I kept a journal on the baby cradle I built for my 1st grandson. ...

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