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  1. Rocket Launcher II Build (Tool Rack) PICS

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Hubl View Post
    Project- Rocket Launcher II
    Searching threads I recently came across Ken Whitneys Tool Rack he made in this thread, , and contacted him for more info on it. Ken was nice enough to send me more info and pics, he also posted that info and pics here for all to use.>
    The "Rocket Launcher"
  2. I Can't leave well enough alone - Part 1-1/2

    (Continued) After the fit is good, The leaves are glued in. After they dry, I scrape off the paper.

    Placing Ebony.jpgCut Ebony.jpgInlay Prior to Scraping.jpg

    I then cleaned up the surface and shot the edges. A Coat of BLO and let to dry overnight.

    Shooting Edges.jpgCoat of BLO.jpg

    Now I need to figure out what to do with the panel. I'm thinking I will re-saw it and make it a door for a ...
  3. SC Pig-Picking

    Quote Originally Posted by Von Bickley View Post
    I see where a lot of my Northern friends talk about a BBQ. They are usually talking about hamburgers or hot dogs. In the South when we talk about BBQ it is usually chickens or a pig. Here are some pictures of what a SC Pig-Picking looks like.
  4. the thumbnail history of Arts & Crafts opener:

    There is already too much written about the intriguing Arts & Crafts movement, and by better authors.
    I only intend to recap the parts which affect furniture design.

    My sources for this quickie A&C history will be:

    Mission Furniture you can build by Wagner

    WOOD magazine A&C furniture

    Pop WW A&C furniture projects

    A&C furniture by Howard

    In the Craftsman Style by Fine WW

    Authentic ...
  5. Doll house for my daughter

    This one should be simple. However after doing a little research I've discovered doll house people are freaks!!!

    Not that being a freak is a bad thing but their are so many options and stuff you can buy that's its a little confusing. Also I just want something my daughter can play with. Most projects, accessories, etc are for "collectors".
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