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  1. Grizzly G0691 Review

    Last Tuesday my new Grizzly G0691 arrived to much fanfare (at least by me) as this was going to be a massive upgrade for me. My previous saw was a Craftsman 315.228390, which was actually a pretty decent saw, but I was ready for something a bit bigger and a little more stable. Anyways - on to the whole reviewing process.

    To the point: Reviews that don't get to the point annoy me; so in a nutshell... This is a great saw for the price. Minor issues like the fence face not being flat, ...
  2. Building my custom poker table

    Building a custom sized oak and walnut poker table was a project that I was eagerly awaiting. The table was to be located in the new bar room and I wanted it to be a large enough table that eight guys could fit around it and have plenty of room to play and not be crowded by one another. Eight sides was one side more than necessary since a maximum of seven players can play many poker games utilizing only one deck of cards.
    I got the idea for the style of the table from David Tiell from California,MD, ...
  3. Need plans for a teacher's podium

    My son is a high school teacher and wants a podium or lecturn. Floor standing, made of mahogany. Does anyone have a suggestion about where I might find plans for such?
  4. would this shop improvement be "worth it"?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Dufour View Post
    Will those stairs be covered to keep snow and ice away?
    Trenchless is the search term to use.
    Bill D.
    hmmmm. Very good thought. Last few years hasnít had much cold weather but I agree with your idea of
    covering the stairs being beneficial. Thanks!!
  5. Witherby no. 110 block plane

    Quote Originally Posted by Zac wingert View Post

    Here is the box it was in.
    That is a product with the Witherby name and likely nothing to do with the T H Witherby legacy, at least to my knowledge.

    It may be someone who had rights to use the name. It may be the trade mark to the name has become public domain.

    There is also Witherby Publishing, seems to be mostly maritime titles.

    More research would be in order if it is something you have to ...
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