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  1. Doll house for my daughter

    This one should be simple. However after doing a little research I've discovered doll house people are freaks!!!

    Not that being a freak is a bad thing but their are so many options and stuff you can buy that's its a little confusing. Also I just want something my daughter can play with. Most projects, accessories, etc are for "collectors".
  2. the thumbnail history of Arts & Crafts opener:

    There is already too much written about the intriguing Arts & Crafts movement, and by better authors.
    I only intend to recap the parts which affect furniture design.

    My sources for this quickie A&C history will be:

    Mission Furniture you can build by Wagner

    WOOD magazine A&C furniture

    Pop WW A&C furniture projects

    A&C furniture by Howard

    In the Craftsman Style by Fine WW

    Authentic ...
  3. Building Humidor "V"

    The other day, started a [I][URL=""]thread[/URL][/I] over in Woodworking Projects asking for some opinions on a humidor design. I thought I would make a blog of the build over here, since I don't have any blogs.

    I'm going to call this one Humidor "V"... as it is the fifth humidor I've made.

    After cutting in to the Morado, I reckoned that I wouldn't have enough to go with the original layout.... ...
  4. Not something you see everyday

    In my day job I handle trim and built-ins. I do a lot of different stuff and this weekend was no different. During a complex 3 piece crown (another story about ceilings 6 off plane, major scribing and spring angle changes every piece it seemed) the Architect remarked that matching the existing railing (Made around the turn of the century) was going to cost x amount and take a huge amount of time. Not being one to miss a cash income I offered to match the rail for 200 bucks less and beat the lead-time ...
  5. Grizzly G0691 Review

    Last Tuesday my new Grizzly G0691 arrived to much fanfare (at least by me) as this was going to be a massive upgrade for me. My previous saw was a Craftsman 315.228390, which was actually a pretty decent saw, but I was ready for something a bit bigger and a little more stable. Anyways - on to the whole reviewing process.

    To the point: Reviews that don't get to the point annoy me; so in a nutshell... This is a great saw for the price. Minor issues like the fence face not being flat, ...
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