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Walt Caza

  1. Who was the other Englishman?

    William Morris (1834-1896) can be considered the father of the Arts & Crafts
    Movement. He was an artist, writer, socialist and entrepreneur.

    I'll get to him next..
    and his chair!
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  2. Who planted the seed which bloomed into Arts & Crafts?

    The Arts & Crafts movement was started independantly by two Englishmen in the late 1800ís.

    John Ruskin was an author, poet, social critic and an art professor at Oxford.
    He put forth the idea that it would benefit society to move away from factory sweatshops and their mass produced shoddy goods, towards hand crafted high quality goods. His philosophy expressed a desire to return to craftsman working within the medieval guild system for the benefit of workers and society. ...

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  3. the thumbnail history of Arts & Crafts opener:

    There is already too much written about the intriguing Arts & Crafts movement, and by better authors.
    I only intend to recap the parts which affect furniture design.

    My sources for this quickie A&C history will be:

    Mission Furniture you can build by Wagner

    WOOD magazine A&C furniture

    Pop WW A&C furniture projects

    A&C furniture by Howard

    In the Craftsman Style by Fine WW

    Authentic ...