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Ben Arnott

  1. My Shakashima Media Cabinet Part 4

    With the bottom rails shaped and surfaced, I began cutting the tenons. I'm in the process of migrating some of my operations from power tools to hand tools. At this stage, I had only a dovetail saw and a sliding miter saw. I chose to cut the bottom rail tenons to rough thickness on the miter saw and sneak up on my marking gauge lines with a rabbit block plane.

    MC0U8203.jpg MC0U8205.jpg

    The rabbit block plane is a pretty slick tool. ...
  2. My Shakashima Media Cabinet Part 3

    Once the legs were in good shape, I moved onto the bottom rails (or stretchers if you want to think of it as a table for now). I drew out half a pattern on a piece of mdf. The reason I used a half pattern, is so if I flipped it, I knew it my whole pattern would be symmetrical. Once I had the rails traced out, I cut them out on the bandsaw and began smoothing them just as I did with the legs.

    MC0U8140 (1).jpg MC0U8151.jpg

    MC0U8154.jpg ...
  3. My Shakashima Media Cabinet Part 2

    Once I had the legs roughly cut out on the bandsaw, I began the process of putting the final shape to them and smoothing the surface.

    MC0U8066 (1).jpg

    MC0U8083.jpg MC0U8105 (1).jpg

    After smoothing the legs with hand planes, orbital sanders and card scraper, I cut them to length.

    MC0U8119.jpg MC0U8111.jpg
  4. My Shakashima Media Cabinet Part 1


    I managed to document the whole process of building my latest project and I thought I'd share it with everyone. Maybe someone will find something useful, but if not, I'm sure you can find something you can poke fun at.

    I wanted to build a media cabinet for my fiance. We had just purchased a new TV and the old stand it sits on doesn't exactly instill confidence that it will not crumble into a pile of pine if encouraged just right.

    I decided ...

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