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Ben Arnott

  1. My Shakashima Media Cabinet Conclusion Part 2

    Before fastening on the top, I applied finish to everything - the cabinet, the shelves and the top. I rubbed on two coats of shellac, sanding with 220 grit lightly between each coat. Then I applied an oil/ urethane by hand, sanding with 220 between each coat. After the second coat of oil/urethane, I attached the top and applied the third coat. Once dry, I buffed the finish out with 0000 steel wool, installed the door knobs and hung the adjustable shelves.

    Here's the finished project. ...

    Updated 01-28-2011 at 1:23 PM by Ben Arnott

  2. My Shakashima Media Cabinet Conclusion Part 1

    Well, I was on the home stretch. I had the two doors to make, the shelves for the three bays, the top and finish left to do.

    I wanted inset doors with book matched straight panels to match the sides and to give the piece its Shaker inspiration. I followed the same preparation and construction practices as the sides, trying to be conscious of the grain pattern in the Cherry and Maple. After gluing up the doors, I cut the stiles to length and fit the doors by shimming them until I got ...

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