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    Good question. I suppose using sketch up has changed my view point somewhat.

    Do I think it is a great design tool for me? - no. I can work faster by hand and the edits necessary to work out details are a bit cumbersome. I already think in 3D, so like you, little advantage there. After the basic design was worked up, I did not take the time to completely rebuild the model to determine how to fabricate the pieces. I figured that out in my head. But I think there are two nice features to Sketch up:

    1.) The ability for others to visualize it the way I see it in my head
    2.) Edits in the middle of a project can be explored pretty simply

    In short, I view it as a tool like any other. good for some purposes, not for others. A plane does not make a good screwdriver.

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    I start with thinner, Waterlox, and tung oil (1:1:1). Sand 220 to 400 after three coats with minimum 24 hours cure time. I then just thin waterlox with a lttle tung oil - 6-7 coats. After it has cured for 30 days, I rub out with 1000 -1500 grit paper & mineral spirits.
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    Well I don't know what happened but when I posted the Blog seemed to blow up.
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    The sad part of it was that I thought i did sneak up on it. In several other pieces I had used the router successfully. But this was exciting and not in a good way.
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    I like to read about how other people plan projects and use project plans, etc. I found that a well thought out project keeps the changes to a minimum.

    I also like to draw full size drawings if possible. This way you get to see how the piece will look before cutting any wood.

    Keep posting