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  1. Bryan Rocker's Avatar
    What size blower did you attach to it i.e, CFM? Could this be expanded to 6"?
  2. shmiel landu's Avatar
    Hi we would like to build this system. we have an epilog EXT 60 watt is there any changes you would recommend for our system?

  3. Michael Flax's Avatar
    Hi, I use that same filter in my Rigid shop vac, and I have found that by wrapping a piece of loosely weaved cotton fabric around it with some rubber bands or easy open quick ties, it prevents it from clogging with debree. First I wrapped the fabric over the filter and cut it to the size that I can simply fold a flap of it over the seam and I bunched together the top part by the plastic screw that holds the filter on, and zip tied that part. Then the flapped over part gets some removablle zip ties at the top and bottom of the filter. They're not long enough so you need to attach two together. Hope that helps someone.
  4. Dan Hintz's Avatar
    Air from the machine comes in from the bottom, the DC is connected to the top line.
  5. jim bullock's Avatar
    where do you connect the shop vac ?
  6. John Bion's Avatar
    Dan, Thank you for taking the time to post these instructions and photos, I will have a bash at this!
    Kind Regards, John