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  1. Bob Direso's Avatar
    Fred, Very nice work. I particularly like the walnut inlay and beading on the aprons. Good luck in the future poker games maybe they will pay for the table. I enjoy no limit holdem myself where up to nine people are at the table. Bob
  2. Edward Norton's Avatar
    I don't play cards but will say you done a very nice job on your poker table!
  3. Ron Baird's Avatar
    Fred, Your photos, illustrations and descriptions are simple and succinct. Thanks Ron Baird
  4. Ron Baird's Avatar
    Fred, I am looking for a plan for a power table. This si just what I was looking for....nice! Thanks for the post. Ron Baird
  5. Mike McCann's Avatar
    very nice looking bed. like the way you wen tover erything as it was made.
  6. Glenn Clabo's Avatar
    That is great stuff. Nice pictorial...thanks for taking the time to do it. It was fun to read through.
  7. Jon Lanier's Avatar
    Wow, what a process! Excellent way of showing how it was made.
  8. Bob Easton's Avatar
    Beautiful work!!! What a lucky young lady.
  9. Chris Padilla's Avatar
    Huh, I saw the "Blog Entries: 1" under your post count and wondered what the hey that was! Some mod I am, I have NO CLUE what goes on around here! haha