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Larry Browning

  1. Almost done

    Well, almost done!
    Today I applied the 1st coat of the beeswax and BLO finish to the bench. I heated it in a double boiler until the wax was all melted and then applied it with a foam brush. I think I am going to be pleased with the results. I think I will put 1 or 2 more coats on the top, but the leg assembly and shelf are done with one. Here are a few pictures.

    The first 2 are of the bowtie inlay I did to patch a flaw in the top. The last one is meant to show the color difference ...

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  2. My Workbench project

    I don't know anything about blogging, so this is going to be a learning experience for me. I have a thread I started in back in November (I think) about my workbench project. I want to recreate some of the entries for that in this blog, plus add some more stuff. In the past I have kept a journal on some of the projects I have built and always find going back and rereading those to be helpful as I learn to be a better woodworker. I kept a journal on the baby cradle I built for my 1st grandson. ...

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