View Full Version : Finishing a "Live Edge"

Dave Verstraete
12-25-2008, 7:17 PM
I will preface this thread with the fact that I have never worked with a "live edge" before.

I received some bubinga as a gift and at least 1 of the projects that I will make will have a live edge. In fact , the gift wood has 18 foot of live edge so I better research this before I mess up a good gift. I don't even know all of the questions that I need to ask. Any comment on finishing the edge would be appreciated.

Do I dull the sharp edge? with what? sandpaper?

How do I prep the edge?

How do I remove loose material from this edge? brass bristle brush?

What finish would you use on the edge itself? I would think Waterlox would work well for this?

Jim Becker
12-25-2008, 8:24 PM
You actually do want to make the edges "non dangerous to human flesh"! You can use a combination of a brass brush and/or brass wire wheel and abrasives; both hand held and electrics. I tended toward the latter for all of my natural edge projects to-date, actually using my Festool Rotex on an angle to manipulate the surfaces while maintaining the angles and general flavor of the natural contour of the slabs.

Whatever you finish the top with is what goes on the edges...

BTW, be sure to use good personal dust protection when you're working with bubinga, especially while sanding. I know that I found out the hard way that I'm sensitive to it...the only wood that has actually made me physically sick....but the end result was outstanding.