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Don Gares
12-25-2008, 6:47 PM
Thought maybe my poetic title just might get some attention even on Xmas night.:)

Anyway, later tonight I plan on cutting and engraving some 1/8" mirror acrylic and I have never done this before. My primary concern is with the cutting (vectoring) as I assume that I can engrave the back of it with somewhat similar settings as I use on glass mirrors.

I am using a 40 watt laser and any information about vectoring this material such as speed, power, PPI, which side up, paper on or off, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Merry Christmas,


Roger McDowell
12-25-2008, 9:01 PM
Since this Forum has been so much help to me in the past year I am making an early New Years Resolution to "pass it forward" where I can.

On vector cutting mirrored acrylic I have a 50W ULS V460 and I cut at 100% power and about 3.0 speed at 1000 PPI. Glass and acrylic act very differently and I would be surprised if any of the settings are similar.

Hope this helps,

Brian Robison
12-25-2008, 9:14 PM
there are several threads on this. I have an Epilog 25w.
I cut at 5000htz. 100% Power and 10% speed.
I engrave at 600dpi.
Cut and engrave from the reverse. I use an acrylic cutting grid, the other grids may leave little check marks on the mirror. Leave the paper mask on the front.

Nancy Laird
12-25-2008, 11:17 PM
I haven't done the mirrored acrylic, but I have cut lots of it - I cut at 100% power, 1% speed, 1000 DPI, and density 5 on my ULS 40W. I always cut with the paper on.

Marc Myer
12-26-2008, 12:09 AM
35W: face down, paper on, 12 speed, 100% power, 5000 frequency. The edges seem to be more susceptible to stress fracturing, so I try to be more cautious (yeah, right!).