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Matti Ruotsala
12-25-2008, 1:53 PM

What kind of laser do I need to purchase to execute marking on pholycarbonate leather etc. I uploaded an picture for an example.

Can somebody please help me out


Matti Ruotsala

Doug Griffith
12-26-2008, 11:01 AM
Most likely C02 unless you plan on marking metal such as stainless steel (without a coating) in which case you would want a Nd:YAG system.

The image you provided has a convex surface which could be an issue and unless the material is something like Rowmark LaserMax, you won't get high contrast. I would outsource some sampling to see if a laser gives the results you are looking for.

Leather is no problem to laser etch.


Matti Ruotsala
01-15-2009, 1:11 PM

I was offered this kind of machine from this firm, what can you
say about this Chinese laser. Do you recommend it or not :

DPG-50A Metal Marking/Engraving machine

A. Advanced dioded pumped technology imported from USA
B. Imported high-speed vibration mirror from USA
C. Imported expand and focus opticial system
D. Q switch technology from NEOS company, USA
E.50W Laser bar from CEO USA
F. Industrial water chiller sep. for Yag laser
G. Anit-jamming industrial computer
H. Software developed by GloryStar Laser.
I.Rotary device (optional part)

Rated Speed

Applications and Materials
A.Being capable of marking metals such as gold, silver, brass, iron, tin, aluminum, etc. and some non-metal materials
B. widely applied to electronic components, IC, watches &clocks, tools, automobile parts, electronic apparatus, glasses, fittings, hardware, plastic buttons, medical instruments and telecom products, etc.

Link to the laser --> http://www.glorylaser.com/product/pro_81_145.html

Doug Griffith
01-15-2009, 1:20 PM
I recommended offline that Matti have samples ran on a YAG system before pursuing this direction further. Does anyone have experience in marking polycarbonate with a Nd:YAG laser? If so a picture of the results may help.


Scott Shepherd
01-15-2009, 1:25 PM
Those are awful big claims by that company. Their website shows all sorts of things that cannot be made on a 50W laser. It shows all sorts of things that seem to not be clear on their intent on the photo, such as a ring. They clearly didn't make the ring. They may have used the laser to do some mold work to make the ring, but they certainly didn't make the ring on the laser. Same way with the necklace they posted.

The appear to have been around for a while, but just saying something on a website doesn't make it true. If it were MY money, I wouldn't spend a dime with them until they demonstrated their machine can do the products I want to make. I'd make them make a product I wanted in front of me, while I watch.

However, you probably won't get that option, so you're really relying on their word. Once you get the machine, there's no getting your money back, and if it doesn't do what you thought it would, then you're up the creek.

I'm a firm believer of "Prove it" when it comes to buying a laser.

Awww....Doug beat me to it!

Matti Ruotsala
01-15-2009, 2:22 PM

Thanks for the rapid answers.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't there many different kinds of Nd-YAG lasers? I have tried my products on one YAG laser and the result was not as I expected. The machine was a ND-YAG 90W. Does this mean that I can't find any YAG suitable for my needs?

Where can I find used YAG lasers?

Martin Boekers
01-15-2009, 4:51 PM
I'm not too familiar with the diode or fiber type lasers. I know power ratios don't coincide with CO2 lasers.

Epilog has a fiber laser not cheap but, cheaper than a Yag. It marks on most anything, but can't take the place of A CO2 laser.

They have always been great in the past when I asked for samples or to run a test on my material.