View Full Version : Maglite designs for rotary attachment

Dave Yanke
12-24-2008, 4:48 PM
I Have the rotary attachment for my VersaLaser. Have sometime now after the holiday crunch to play with it some more. I tried before an was having fits trying to come up with designs tha go completely around mag lights, in particular the 3D and 1 and 2AA models.

My questions are this;

- How do you set up designs (i.e. register marks, width, etc) when working on objects like this so the designs match up?

- Does anyone have any Corel files for maglite designs that I could play with?

Actually any tips would be welcomed.


Jerry Hay
12-24-2008, 5:50 PM
I have a LaserPro Spirit and I got the rotary attachment with it too. I have done some glasses and things and some other things are beyond me. I have a hard time with beer mugs. I can never get them to line up. When I get close the handle always hits the laser carriage. It is to the point I try to steer clear of anything that needs the rotary. I know that it would be a great source of income. so I would really like to figure it out.

James Stokes
12-24-2008, 7:45 PM
The Epilog web site has a file for a maglite.

Stephen Beckham
12-24-2008, 10:14 PM
Jerry - have any turning buddies on the other side of our creek? Get them to turn you a block of wood (prefer it to be something that doesn't swell/shrink much). Have them turn it in a trapazoid shape with a minimum to maximum diameter of your mugs. Shouldn't be much more than a couple inches tall...

Wedge it into you mug - let it ride on the rollers - pushing the handle further away from the wheels.

I've got the gear and stuff to try and make you one, but time - time - time.... Tell you what - PM me a inside diameter of you mugs and I'll see if I can make something to get back to you...