View Full Version : First projects

Shaddy Dedmore
06-14-2004, 1:09 AM
He're my first projects... I had a heck of a time with my epilog 35W 24TT. Of course, all I have is oak ply from my local lumber store. The wooden one didn't come out so well (as you can tell by the burn marks). My other attempts wouldn't cut all the way through (unfinished 3/16 oak ply), so I kept slowing it down until it did. Multiple passes didn't seem to help either (are you supposed to refocus lower on second cutting pass?) Maybe with the proper wood it would come out better. The other attempts looked great from on top, it just didn't cut all the way throuhh..

My main time was spent in corel, trying to tell it what I want cut, and what I wanted engraved (to get that basket weave look). I used corel trace to get the pic into vectors, then I made all the vectors I wanted to engrave 1pt thickness. Left the rest hairline. Then I had to do TONS of tweaking to get all the lines correct. A lot of it was from the original being hand drawn, and non-symetrical, the rest of the trouble was from the coreltrace being a little inaccurate. But I was learning, so I just kept plugging away.

The dolphin I didn't mess with at all, I just scanned it and printed. It's etched into an acrylic "safty glass" from home depot. I just wanted something cheap that I could get right away while experimenting. Didn't want to spend a lot to get some real sheets when I don't know what I'm doing yet.

Thanks for looking