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Kevin Baker
12-14-2008, 6:58 AM
Help----- I've been playing/reading/playing with the ULS Engraver Control Panel and will discuss with my rep next week, but wanted to pick the brains of the folks here as well. Attached is a pic of the setting for "Hard-Cherry, Maple, Walnut". I've circled in orange the area that I don't quite understand. Below is the text right from the manual for this area. I don't understand how the dept input boxes come into play...

If someone could put this into laymens terms... :)


Text from Manual -

Vector Cutting - Red Pen
This section of the Material Editor window allows the user to input preliminary numbers for the Material Editor to properly calculate future power and speed settings. To properly configure the Vector Cutting - Red Pen section you will need to vector cut 2 materials in the laser system so the Material Editor can calculate the appropriate percentage amounts for different thicknesses.
If the material being added to the Material Editor can be vector cut check the empty box called “Material Can Be Vector Cut” and input the percentages it asks for. The Shallow Cut Settings and Deep Cut Settings sections are similar to one another. First measure two identical material types but of different thicknesses for example a 1/8” piece of acrylic and a ˝” of acrylic. Input the thinnest material measurement in the Cut Depth box of the Shallow Cut Settings. Next, type in the thickest material measurement in the Cut Depth box of the Deep Cut Settings. The Power and Speed in both settings refer to the least amount of percentage power required to cut through the material without causing undesired results like a fire. You may have to experiment with this section several times to get the exact results you desire.

Max Depth
The number inputted in this box refers to the maximum thickness you would like the laser system not to cut.
Available settings are 1 to 1000. For further explanation about this setting read page 6.
Shallow Cut Settings
These parameters set the starting point for the Printer Driver’s Material Editor.
Deep Cut Settings
These parameters set the starting point for the Printer Driver’s Material Editor.

Scott Shepherd
12-14-2008, 8:24 AM
Kevin, the control panel is setup so you can take a material, define it once, and then use it all the time, regardless of the thickness of the material.

For instance, you could take 1/32" cherry and 1/4" cherry and you test it vector cutting through it. You enter what results yielded the best results for each and enter those in. Now it has settings it can scale from.

So if you had 5 speed, 100 power for cutting through the 1/4", and 20 speed and 100 power for the 1/32, if you use that material from the material database, when you enter the material thickness, it figures it out. So if you put in 1/8" for the material thickness, it would calculate the proper settings for that thickness based on the data you had entered.

So it's a way to setup a material one time and then no matter what thickness you use, it adjusts the settings for that thickness.

Very slick.

Make sense?

Kevin Baker
12-14-2008, 9:25 AM
Scott -

WOW... yes, makes perfect sense and must agree, very slick. Thanks for breaking this down for me.