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Angus Hines
12-04-2008, 11:00 AM
Ok so traveling around the different forums. I see links for this supplier for this and this one for that but no real listing so to speak.

Who are your top ten vendors for your CNC Stuff.

1. Supplies (Bits, and other consumables)

2. 3D ART & Artwork Sites

3. Scanning Services (and anything else I might need in the future).

Maybe if we list them all in this format Keith will make this a sticky at the top of the page here as a reference for all. I see list like this in other ares around the board but we dont have one here yet!

Gary Hair
12-04-2008, 2:42 PM
1. Bits - www.hartlauer.com (http://www.hartlauer.com) ( they are about 10 minutes from me but they ship for free!)

2. Vector conversion - www.excaliburcreations.com (http://www.excaliburcreations.com) (William does an amazing job of vectorizing almost anything you can send him.

3. Other websites - www.engravingetc.org (http://www.engravingetc.org) , www.cnczone.com (http://www.cnczone.com) (ee, cnczone and smc are my favorite hangouts.

4. Electronics - www.jameco.com (http://www.jameco.com) - I just bought a 48v, 6.5a psu from them and their price was great, service was great and it shipped the day I ordered it.

There will be more, I'm sure...