View Full Version : Corel X4 Upgrade - Yes/No

Tim Bateson
11-25-2008, 1:17 PM
For those on the leading edge - unlike those of us who are just on the edge. :eek:
Is it worth it to upgrade from CorelX3 to X4 for $179?

Frank Corker
11-25-2008, 1:51 PM
For those on the leading edge - unlike those of us who are just on the edge. :eek:
Is it worth it to upgrade from CorelX3 to X4 for $179?

Tim, there are some big improvements in X4, I tried it but I drifted back to X3 because there were a few anomalies that I wasn't too happy about. Also I had left X3 in position when installing it and that caused a few GUI problems, especially noticeable when I came to the trace feature (much improved), have the little sliders were not visible some of the time (not all, but some of the time). I would recommend that you go to Corel's homepage and view the 'what's new' section, if anyone is going to post anything about the good points, it will be them.

Michael Kowalczyk
11-25-2008, 3:03 PM
hey Tim,
I just bit the bullet and got X4 and X4 unleashed. X3 dropped the centerline trace feature and I know that v12 has it but I did not want to go backwards, so I went to the edge. I think there are many new features that can be usable and I also put it on my quad core 64 bit cpu so I wanted the most current version. Only had it a few days now and mainly refreshing myself with the videos to see what's new. I say if it is for your business and you do not have V12, go for it. If you are lasering as a hobby read through the "what's new" like Frank said and do what think is best. I would also highly recommend getting the X4 Unleashed premium version. lots of great tutorials and usable stuff on the DVD.

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$179.99 was the best I could find at Amazon also.

David Harvey
11-25-2008, 6:50 PM
I upgraded and most definitely woud recommend it. The biggest fix I found was Corel no longer crashes ( as in 'blink! ..gone) after I would create a new folder in the save-as dialog, or delete a file in the save-as dialog under X3. This would 'always 'cause X3 to 'blink away'...at least on my system and the one I use in my daily job...

Like was said before...if you are a casual user, then maybe the upgrade wouldn't be beneficial, but if you depend on it in a business sense..go for it. I have no regrets.

Bill Cunningham
11-25-2008, 9:28 PM
I just got a sale email from corel for 179.00 (Canadian!!) so if you go to the corel site (I guess it's in Ottawa) you should be able to buy it on your U.S.$ Credit card, and your issuer will do the conversion to U.S. from Canadian Dollars and you will save somewhere around 20% of the cost in the exchange..

I upgraded from 12 to X4 and obviously found a HUGE improvement.. I had found a few 'quirks' but the SP1 seems to have fixed all that I had a problem with, PLUS SP1 has a thumbnail improvement that allows windows explorer to show you a 'good' image of the file, and not the crappy one you normally see.. Actually when I first got it, I wanted to call corel, and see if I could exchange it for X3 but the SP1 has made a big difference, and I'm more than happy with it now..