View Full Version : Problem with .eps files

Brian Robison
11-25-2008, 8:01 AM
Hi gang,
I can't seem to import a couple of files into my corel drawing.
Any idea why?

Frank Corker
11-25-2008, 8:26 AM
Brian, not all eps files are 'eps' files. It depends on which program it was used to create them in the first place. Vague but true. Post one and let us have a look, if we can import it, then you are a failure. (did I say that out loud?? I meant to say, unfortunate :D)

Brian Robison
11-25-2008, 8:30 AM
I didn't think I could post a .eps.
Nope I can't.

Peter Meacham
11-25-2008, 8:33 AM

I think we need more info - nothing happens? imports but not a good picture? error message?...etc

Frank Corker
11-25-2008, 8:40 AM
Brian you need to zip the file or rename it.

Brian Robison
11-25-2008, 9:03 AM
It gives an error message.

Doug Griffith
11-25-2008, 9:37 AM
I just opened them up in Illustrator and they are vector eps files. The only issue I found was they had a unite (weld) done to them without expanding the appearance. I fixed them and resaved as version 3 eps.


Brian Robison
11-25-2008, 9:57 AM
Thanks Doug,
That worked just fine!

Frank Corker
11-25-2008, 10:39 AM
I didn't have any issues with both of the files. Glad Doug sorted it for you though.

Brian Robison
11-25-2008, 10:43 AM
Could it be because I'm using V 12?

Frank Corker
11-25-2008, 1:58 PM
I suppose it could be possible. As I said earlier, I've had problems in the past with allegedly 'true' eps files and they weren't. I wouldn't worry about it now though.

Scott Shepherd
11-25-2008, 7:02 PM
I've had more than my fair share of importing problems in the last month. EPS, ai, pdf's all giving me a fit. I downloaded Inkscape (free Corel Draw like program) and it's opened every single one of them. It allows me to save back out as something that I can get back into Corel with no problems at all.

Might be a tool worth having in your toolbox, it's helped me a lot this last month.

Brian Robison
11-25-2008, 10:42 PM
Hi Scott,
I downloaded it. Looks promising but I don't see .eps as an importing option.

Scott Shepherd
11-26-2008, 8:30 AM
Hi Brian, sorry about that, you have to install 2 other things for eps to work in Inkscape. Ghostscript and GSView, which allow you to see what's going on and save it out as something that will work. You can look on Inkscape and find links to them. GSView is a very interesting program and shows errors in files, so it can provide some insight into why something didn't import cleanly.