View Full Version : Corel Question: isn't vector cutting

Gabe Gat
11-25-2008, 12:21 AM
I'm running a ULS laser (hairline red to cut) I'm importing a photoshop eps file, running a outline line art trace, creating a boundry and right clicking for my red hairline... all that said when I run the job my rasta black engraves but that's where it stops no vector cut on the red?? Any ideas? nothing obvious seems to be in my way, I've even tried "skipping" the other colors and only selecting run RED as VECTOR, when I do that the job goes to the printer, as soon as I push start the end "beep" goes off, it's like it's not even seeing the vector/red line? I'm at your mercy.

Frank Defert
11-25-2008, 1:16 AM

Your laser beeps " done " because it does not see any vector lines to cut. Make sure your red cutline is a hairline.


Mike Null
11-25-2008, 7:12 AM
Be sure you've set your laser to vector red--not to skip or engrave.

Jim Huston
11-25-2008, 7:23 AM
Layer set to not print?

Ross Lowry
11-25-2008, 8:41 AM
Also make sure it is a true red, R 255 G 0 B 0.

Carrol Fleming
11-25-2008, 9:21 AM
I had similar problems when I first started and thanks to the wonderful people here I worked through a number of suggestions regarding colour, line thickness etc and managed to work out that my CorelDraw 7 was the culprit. I upgraded to X3 and the vector cutting worked.


Mike Ireland
11-25-2008, 10:47 AM
Make sure that Color Management is turned off as well. Otherwise the red is not a red that is recognized by the laser system.

Gabe Gat
11-25-2008, 1:42 PM
Thanks all, i'll try everything when I get home... one of those things is bound to work