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Jackie McGowan
11-21-2008, 11:31 PM
Hi Everyone,

I have a 25w pinnacle laser

Did the test and the beam is off. Ok so I look at the instructions in my manual. all sounded simple till I opened the panel and looked at the screws. (see picture attached). The photo is of the screws on back of mirror #1, they are exactly the same as on back of the square red beam mirror (which is behind it and I can see them with a dental mirror)

The instructions say:
•You need to adjust the red beam mirror. the red beam mirror is located to the left of mirror #1 down by the laser tube.
• There are five screws located on the back of the red beam mirror. The allen head screw is NOT to be touched at all. You will use a 90 degree ratcheting screw driver to make the adjustments to the flat tipped screws. If you are using a regular flat tipped screw driver, you will have alot of difficulty getting in there and adjusting the screws....

Ok there is more but I understand the rest (how much to adjust the screws etc)

First of all the instructions fail to say which panel to open (the one in the back or the one on the side that you would normally take off to clean mirror #1)... I took off the side one but I think I need to take off the back because from where I am the square red beam mirror is behind mirror #1, not to the left of it as stated. (if I take the big back panel off, it will be to the left).

The problem I'm having is that it says flat tipped screws and one allen screw (not to be touched) I thought a flat tipped screw was a regular flat head screw (as apposed to a phillips head) To me these all look like allen screws although two look a little different from the rest. I'm confused... I have allen wrenches but why does it say flat head and to use a 90 degree ratcheting screw driver. and if I do adjust which not to touch.

Am I just not understanding the names of the tools. Please look at the image and tell me if I just am not understanding correctly or are these bad instructions.

Any help would be appreciated :confused:

Margaret Turco
11-22-2008, 12:42 AM
Looks like bad instructions to me, or somebody put all allen head screws in at some point. Can you tell from the instructions (if there is an illustration) which ones you should adjust? Flat tipped I would think most of us would call flat head as you said, not phillips.

Rodne Gold
11-22-2008, 12:53 AM
I think the pinnacle is the Same as the GCC mercury (or maybe its not) But if it is
go here to get maintenance and alignment manuals

Its normally your top mirrors that go out of alignment not the ones near the source.

Jackie McGowan
11-22-2008, 9:56 AM
Thanks Margaret & Rodney,

There were no illustrations to show what screws to mess with but I figured it out, it is the three corner thingys (that I turned with the allen key). But my laser is still not cutting through on the right side of the table so I need to mess with the other mirrors now and see if it helps. (my table is level, so it can't be that). Thanks for the link to the manuals I notice some differences so it seems the link leads to a more updated one. But never the less the manual is not correct. I'm gonna try some more alignments and I will post the results... wish me luck :o

Richard Rumancik
11-22-2008, 10:24 AM
Did the test and the beam is off.
Do you mean the red beam is not aligning with the co2 beam? I think you may have confused a few people here . . . usually people mean the co2 beam is misaligned when they say that the beam is off.

First of all the instructions fail to say which panel to open (the one in the back or the one on the side that you would normally take off to clean mirror #1)... I took off the side one but I think I need to take off the back because from where I am the square red beam mirror is behind mirror #1, not to the left of it as stated. (if I take the big back panel off, it will be to the left).

Don't hesitate to open the back if it helps you see what you are doing. This corner is really tight to work in and even the extra light from the back door may help. Do whatever makes sense to access the screws.

I think what has happened is that the manufacturer realized that slotted screws are a pain to adjust and has made a design change. But the instructions are now outdated and now they are confusing because they are all Allen screws. I think there are 3 adjustment screws if I recall. It is like a three-legged stool. If you change the length on one "leg" (screw) you will rock to top surface (mirror). If you can visualize what is happening it helps. If you are uncertain find out first. Maybe the Jorlink ohotos will show the other version. The advantage of a hexagon socket head cap screw is than a hex ("Allen") key is already a right angle and easier to work with. Although a ratcheted hex key may be better still due to limited room.

Unfortunately there are lots different but equivalent of names of parts and tools so you will have to read between the lines a bit. And there are many errors too. I can see calling the tool a flat-tipped screwdriver but that doesn't mean it goes into a flat-tipped screw. Generally the screw itself is called "straight" or "slotted head". Some of this is due to translation errors as well so the instructions are not always the best. Don't get hung up on it though. Study the pictures and re-write the instructions for yourself for next time.

I am not beside my machine or manuals or I could tell you more. If you still have problems figuring out which screws to adjust let me know.

You are aiming the beams at a target on the wall to do this alignment, correct? If so make sure you are using glasses and there is no one else around.

The other mirrors and adjustments won't correct a red beam-co2 beam alignment error; these mirrors will move both beams simultaneously. The red beam misalignment error needs to be corrected at the source where they are combined. After you align the two then you probably want to check that the co2 beam is aligned to the final lens.

You will never get perfect alignment of the two beams all over the table. Just try for reasonable alignment near the upper left corner of the table.

Richard Rumancik
11-22-2008, 10:31 AM
Jackie, you posted while I was writing . . .

Further to this - aligning the red beam will have NO effect on cutting. Whether it is aligned on not (or on or off) makes no difference. It is just a visual aid. So if your laser is "still not cutting" then red-beam alignment was not the required fix. (It is still good to do but can't solve a cutting problem.)

I'll see if I have any other docs that may help. Probably later today if you don't find something yourself sooner.

Rodne Gold
11-22-2008, 11:06 AM
If you align the red bean with the laser at source , it makes it incredibly easier to align the rest of the mirrors as you can use the red beam as a reference and not just burn marks.
There is an issue with those brackets , the act of torquing the cap scres places the whole mirror holding assembly under torque and when you release , the alignment is not perfect.
Adding to that , the holding mechanism of the mirror allows it to go out if you increase the pressure of the thumbscrew thingy , so you must apply the same pressure when replacing a mirror , ALWAYS.
NEVER mix up your mirrors , you can if cleaning the top 2 , guaranteed misalignment.
Mirrors are actually polished steel thats gold plated.

Jackie McGowan
11-22-2008, 11:43 AM
Thanks guys, Well I did have to adjust both the red light with the laser beam and the laser beam itself. I did the red light first (that's what I was having trouble with the screws in the begining) Once I figured out the screw problem and aligned the red beam with the laser beam, the book says to do the four corner test and if the material doesn't cut through evenly in all for corners still to to a major beam alignment (laser beam). So I did that and now my wood cuts through on the right side of the table. Phew that was a pain to do, I hope I don't have to do it again anytime soon! But anyway it's working correctly now. ...and yea my manual must be outdated compared to the machine itself. You'd think for the amount of money these machines cost they would keep these things updated!
Thanks for all the tips :)