View Full Version : Settings for vytek marble??

Jackie McGowan
11-21-2008, 11:20 AM
Hi all,
I just received a couple of samples of vyteks marble. It's very beautiful I must say. I was using the marble from lasersketch there they have "regular" marble and hard marble. I was using different settings for each with great results (I have a 25w laser)

The Hard lasersketch:
600 dpi
1200 ppi
speed: 27
Power: 75
No fill, came out really white to begin with

The regular lasersketch:
300 dpi
had to fill with white (lasered grey)

My question is... if anyone knows. Is Vytek's marble hard? not sure which setting to start with and I only have two samples and prefer not to waist them if at all possible :confused:

Bill Cunningham
11-23-2008, 10:40 PM
The lasersketch 'marble' is not marble.. not sure what it is but it's impervious to acid, so it ain't marble.. If the vytek is marble, hit it with the same power you were using for the 'hard' marble.. If it 'is' marble, it wont etch very well, and you can slow down and hit it a second time with the 'real' marble setting

Steven Wallace
11-28-2008, 3:13 AM
Off the subject, but for the wrong reason it brought a smile to my face. My wife never spells "waste", the stuff you throw away, correctly. She spells it the same way you did in your post, waist. I tell her it is because she subliminally worried about things going to her waist. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face as I was thinking of all that I ate today going to my waste, I mean waist.

Bill Cunningham
11-29-2008, 9:35 PM
Actually further to my post above, if it lasers 'gray' it ain't marble.. Marble turns very white, and is very forgiving.. Quite often I have hit real marble twice, with the same power and speed, using only the halftone of the print driver(photograv not needed).. It brightens it up quite a bit..Real marble takes a lot more power to etch than the 'other' stuff.. The 'other' stuff they call marble also etches quite nice, providing your fast enough. I use 97% speed/100% power 600dpi to laser the 'gray' stuff, and once filled with whitener it looks very nice, what ever it is...