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Dave Coble
11-21-2008, 3:20 AM
Hello All,

I'm also among the fairly new and thought I would share some inspiration to those that are trying to figure this out like me. I've been at it since this summer, but I've been a bit slow since I thankfully still have my day job :)

I'm still learning quite a bit every day I have to devote to the side business and I know that I will get there since I've already had some moderate success in making some nice stuff (pictured below in granite for Steve). And I've learned quite a bit just from spending lots of time here at SMC. So thank you to all who have been so helpful and generous with your time in helping the fledglings like me!!!

So here's where Dave is so far:

Desire - check
Skills - somewhat lacking, but getting there
Website - oh...now that is sad, truly sad
Product Line - onsies are nice, but I'd certainly like some commercial stuff
Product Photography - not too shabby, but I had some prior skills here :rolleyes:
Marketing Ability - darn near non-existent as a function of lack of time, but I will get there!

And just when I thought I was running out of time for the holiday season, along comes my first commercial order :D Nothing big, but it's a start!!


Steve, although it took me days just to have some moderate success with photos on granite, this kind of work is now down to about 15min of design time for me. If I were doing it a lot I could be considerably faster. Keeping organized notes will help you immensely!

Frank Corker
11-21-2008, 5:32 AM
Excellent work Dave.

Mike Null
11-21-2008, 6:33 AM

Your work is really well done. What makes it stand out is the excellent composition no doubt learned as a photographer.

That is an area where most of us could use extra guidance.

Tim Bateson
11-21-2008, 8:25 AM
Great work Dave. Is the script color filled?

Dave Coble
11-21-2008, 8:51 AM
The whole thing is color filled. Titanium white, but two separate passes on the engraving. One for the photo without the text and then another pass for just the text for deeper engraving. Obviously takes more time, but I like the effect with deeper text.

Thank you for the kind remarks!

Steve Clarkson
11-21-2008, 10:27 AM
Show off!

OK....you just threw down the gaunlet! Now I'm going to run out and buy 6 cases of 12" squares...........I'll be back.....