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Mike Null
11-19-2008, 2:43 PM
A fair amount of my business is making labels for control panels. One of the worst aspects of this is applying double sided tape to the back.

A few days ago I finally decided to buy an automatic tape dispenser. Even after just a couple of days I'm kicking myself for not buying one sooner.

It is made in---where else---but works like it's supposed to.


Cary Fleming
11-19-2008, 4:02 PM
Hi Mike,

Which model did you buy?

Mike Null
11-19-2008, 5:36 PM
Sorry, it is the TB5000.

Michael Kowalczyk
11-19-2008, 6:10 PM
Glad to hear that something like this can make your working day a little smoother. Great find Mike and thanks for sharing.

Bill Cunningham
11-19-2008, 11:33 PM
Sorry, it is the TB5000.

Ok Mike!! I guess I'll be the one to ask the crass question $$$?

Mike Null
11-20-2008, 7:26 AM

It lists at $625 but they have a deal going with a hundred off and a few rolls of tape. Judy Rassmussen is the contact. They are also available as a direct import for even less but I chose to buy from a domestic supplier.

Not only is it a time saver but makes the work look more professional.

Phil Garcia
11-20-2008, 7:47 AM
Mike, I do a lot of electrical tags as well. But, recently all my contractors have gone to screw holes on each end. When I get an order for tape I order the sheet with the 3M tape already on the back of it. I had to adjust my vector specs. a bit to adjust for the tape but it's worked out and it saves a lot of time.

Mike Null
11-20-2008, 9:33 AM
I've used that too especially for very thin metals but for plastics I prefer the tape.

One of the problems with adhesive backed materials is that the cover sheet won't stay on when you're working with small labels such as 1/2"x1". Most of mine are beveled as well so that can be a problem with pre-applied.

But there are times when your method is clearly superior.