View Full Version : loss of power and acuracy on the right side of the table?

Gabe Gat
11-15-2008, 2:54 PM
I'm not sure what's casing my issue but I've been cutting ornaments out of 1/8 wood (ULS PS50, 18" X 24" table) everything good for the cuts until approx the 18-20" mark on the right side of the table, from there the cuts don't go all the way through and the intricate cuts (some that should be circles) are coming out ovel shapped and just off all around. Understanding that the beam is farther away from the source etc?? I'm not sure what to do next, is this an alignment issue? a lens issue?

Joe Pelonio
11-15-2008, 3:48 PM
I have experienced several things that could caused bad cutting on the right side:

-Bit of debris under vector grid making it higher on the right side

-Vector Grid (honeycomb) worn out, takes a dip on the right side

-Mirror needs cleaning, adjusting or replacement

- Tube going out

On the other hand, your problem with oval shaped circles indicate something else, like:

- x-axis head rail needs greasing

- If your machine has this, the x-axis position sensor strip needs cleaning

- x or y motor binding, bearing going out or motor failing

I hope your problem is one of the easy ones to fix!

Kevin Groenke
11-15-2008, 5:07 PM
Hey Gabe,

Those sound like the symptoms that our X660 exhibits when the gantry is "out of whack"(not perpendicular to the Y-axis). To re-align the gantry, simply pull it all the way forward when the machine is shut off. Pull each corner of the gantry against the positive stop - a belt may skip a tooth when you do this, but that's ok as it probably skipped a tooth to get where it is.

If the gantry is aligned, all of the optics are clean and the z distance is consistent on the bed/cutting table, you may need to do a beam alignment. You can get instructions for this from ULS tech support or PM me for the PDF, the beam alignment procedure is basically just adjusting the mirror at the corner of the gantry so that the laser hits the lens at the same spot (ideally the center) in all 4 corners of the cutting field.


Mike Mackenzie
11-17-2008, 3:11 PM

Check the level of the table! focus on the table in the upper left corner then turn the system off and move the head by hand to the other corners and make sure that the table is the same in all four corners.

Gabe Gat
11-17-2008, 9:34 PM
It would appear you're on to something, the table seems to be out of alingment based on the top right the other 3 corners our not syncing up. What steps do I need to (how do I..) realign?

Mike Mackenzie
11-18-2008, 1:08 PM

If the table is low on the left / right side then the easiest way to level it would be to loosen the table underneath and use some shim between the bracket and the table. This will work if it is not out a lot. If it is out a lot then you will have to loosen the drive belt pulley for the side that needs to be raised or lowered turn the lead screw to raise or lower the table once it is level from left to right then tighten the pulley back up.

Caution be careful not to torque down on the pulley with the age of the system if you try to tighten the pulley to tight you can crack the pulley and then it will not clamp down properly.

Level left to right first and see if this helps. Also did you check the alignment?

james burchfield
11-18-2008, 1:57 PM
we just had a problem kind of like this the right side of our table wouldnt etch and the farther right we cut it wouldnt cut all the way through.

At first we thought the table wasnt level so we checked it and it wasnt the problem with that is the ground wasnt level iether.

Later we figured out that the auto focus was way off also our beam needed to be aligned so id check and make sure you check both of those