View Full Version : Lens Paper

James & Zelma Litzmann
11-14-2008, 11:51 AM
Just wondering if anyone else had any difficulty in finding lens paper to clean the lens on you machine?

Mike Mackenzie
11-14-2008, 11:54 AM
James / Zelma,

We have several hundred packets in stock here if you need some send me a PM.

Darren Null
11-14-2008, 2:54 PM
Cigarette rolling papers do the job quite nicely (an old paparazzi trick). Handy for me because I smoke rollups, but good to know if you haven't got a photography store near you.

James & Zelma Litzmann
11-14-2008, 5:17 PM
Hey thanks Darren, I bet someone in town will have these!

Joe Pelonio
11-14-2008, 7:29 PM
I ordered several thousand for a few bucks online, made by Kodak.

Darren Null
11-15-2008, 2:51 AM
Forgot to mention- ciggy papers have a gummed strip, so make sure you use the other side. Even if you forget, it'll come off easily with the lens cleaner, but no point making more work for yourself.