View Full Version : Need sourse for copper plates

Mitchell Andrus
11-11-2008, 2:09 PM
I don't usuall get involved in corporate gifty-type stuff, but a good client is asking.....

I need to price out copper plaque plates (like name plates) 1" x 1" to 1" x 2" for the corporate logo area. The plate will be part of a larger item, about 50 are needed.

Must be solid copper, but thin. Annodized aluminum, brass, etc., is out.

Anyone know of such a thing/supplier?

Copper can be lasered, (marked) right?

Angus Hines
11-11-2008, 2:56 PM
I'm sure theres somewhere cheaper. But www.McMaster.com (http://www.McMaster.com) would be a good start.

Mike Null
11-11-2008, 4:33 PM

I've used these people for a few things.


Chris Hanson
11-11-2008, 5:27 PM

What gauge of copper do you need? Do you want precut ? With a little more info, I might be able to point you in the right direction.


Chuck Thoits
11-11-2008, 7:08 PM
I had such good luck with these guys. I called them up after I got my order to thank them for having such great service.
If you can't get cut to size pieces I have a 24"x144" coil of copper I could cut up some for you.