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pete hagan
11-09-2008, 7:25 PM
OK I have to rave here. Yesterday it was my day with my two young children and I had not been to our newly opened Woodcraft store. So went took a drive across town, talk about toyland! Well we just happen to come in when they were making freedom pens and my 10yr old daughter and 6yr old son got to turn their own freedom pen and send a note in the bag to our troops overseas. They loved the experience. I had tears in my eyes as they wrote a little note telling the recepient they were thankful for their service and I got one of the best times with my children I could have ever expected.

Thank you Woodcraft for your service to our troops and I will certainly shop at your wonderful, toy filled store. Now that I don't have a wife I have to listen to complain I'll be buying that tricked out router table adjustable to .005! And I though wood workers were happy with 1/32"!


Gary Hair
11-10-2008, 4:48 PM
I spent Friday and Saturday at our local Woodcraft showing off my lasered stuff and my new cnc router. They were doing the freedom pens as well - I think over the week that they were doing it they made something like 300-400 pens.

What a great experience for you and your kids!