View Full Version : Stupid Things

Brian Robison
11-05-2008, 2:40 PM
Well, I've have this laser for about 4 or 5 years now and use it a lot. A couple weeks ago I used the print merge function. A wonderful tool once you learn it. I had to go back to Roy Brewers videos to get the hang of it. Than back again later to figure out that 1x1 ul thing in the imposition lay out. While I was there I saw the print preview. Now I use this all the time for Excel, Auto Cad, and other programs. I feel stupid for not noticing it all these years.DOH. I also need to see if by putting in more than 1 copy the laser will raster as many times as needed. Never thought of that before either.(Thanks Steve?)Any other OBVIOUS things I'm missing?:confused:

Anthony Welch
11-05-2008, 4:57 PM
Talking w/someone the other day. I don't know where I picked this up, but what ever you have choosen, hit the "+" key and it'll dupicate the image. Just drag it off where you want it. Just a case of not knowing.

Frank Defert
11-05-2008, 10:19 PM
Works great when you know about it, and now I know. Thanks Anthony.:D