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Brian Robison
11-03-2008, 4:55 PM
Hi Gang,
I know if I have 2 hair lines on top of each other I'll get 2 vector cuts. Is there a way to use color mapping to get the laser to Raster Twice in the same set up? For example, I use black and red both at 100% and have my logo duplicated exactly on top of itself in two colors. Will the laser raster the same area twice?

Just to let you all know what I'm up to, I'm sampling a Poly Pro or Polyethylene job. I've found I can laser at a very low dpi but I need to run the same part about 5 times with air assist on to get depth without over melting the plastic.

Tim Bateson
11-03-2008, 5:01 PM
Yes, I do it all the time. If I pre-finish my wood, I do a low power pass to burn through the finish and and another for a nice burn effect.
If you've loaded the latest Epilog Drivers (Apr 10, 2008), it's even easier.

Stephen Beckham
11-03-2008, 5:38 PM

I believe the answer is yes if I understand your question correctly. It will finish one whole color and then return to the whole second color.

Another option would be to use your # of Copies to print. Then with one color at low power and DPI, it will complete one whole pass and then do the whole thing over again - how ever many times you need it to. It would be less confusing than managing 5 colors.

You may still have to use color mapping so you can turn on the air assist while rastering.

Good luck...