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James Jaragosky
11-01-2008, 4:38 PM
Hey everyone sorry I have not posted earlier but I have been very busy with putting the shop together, experimenting with my new Camaster cnc router, learning the vcarve software, getting acquainted with wincnc as well as all the the normal day to day things that must be done.
I started out with a few bumps on my first attempt to process and cut a 3d file using Cut 3d and Wincnc. I was finally able to figure out that cut 3d was missing a pp for my Camaster.
With help of Bill from Camaster I have found that I can use the pp file extension Wincnc.inch(*tap) from Vcarvepro to save my cut 3d files, so that Wincnc will recognize them. I just copied the file I needed from the pp folder in Vcarvepro into the pp folder of cut 3d, and all was well.
But my real problem was solved when Jim M. called to walk me through a cut 3d file. we discovered that I was saving the files with the save as feature in the windows tool bar, when in fact I needed to save it with the save tool path feature in cut3d. After finding what I was doing wrong I was cutting in no time. Using a cut 3d file I was able to carve a 3d rose in white oak that didnít look to bad considering that I do not have the proper router bits yet(I have ordered proper bits and they should arrive next week in the mail).
And I cut out several skulls and a few pumpkins out of foam board using vcarve and some old dfx files I had lying around.
Well thatís enough jaw boning for me, I got sawdust to make!
Once again Thanks to everyone that helped me work out a solution to my problem.

james mcgrew
11-03-2008, 8:28 AM
call anytime james!


james mcgrew
11-03-2008, 8:29 AM
lets see some pics!! there was a thread started for posting work produced !!