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Bob Reda
05-25-2004, 3:07 PM
Another newbie here, been investigating laser engraving for about a year now. Just happened upon this site and find it truly amazing with a wealth of information. It looked like it was out of my pricerange until the mini came out for Epilog. Hope to be obtaining one of these in a year or so. I was wondering if there was anyone in the SW Pa area that does this? I would truly like to stsart offering this service and would like someone to work with until I get one of my own. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Bruce Page
05-25-2004, 5:26 PM
Hello Bob. I don't know jack about laser engraving but welcome to the Creek! There's a lot of good people here and some really smart ones too. :D

Tyler Howell
05-25-2004, 6:05 PM
Welcome Bob,

You and that Star Wars stuff are very welcome to the Creek. Great bunch of folks.