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bob pickard
10-31-2008, 10:36 AM
I actually found this forum looking for info on small (benchtop or desktop) CNC Routers for signs ,plaques etc. It's been a big help so far , but the choices and options and variance in prices are staggering . That combined with the fact that I don't know what I don't know about CNC routers just added to the confusion.

Here's some background on myself and some parameters I was looking for

Avionics Tech for 22 years ( 4 yrs Air Force , the rest Full time military tech for the CA Army Guard.)

Electronics Division Supervisor for 16 years ( Avioonics , Armament, Instrument, Electrical and ATE Shop - Automated Test Equipment)

Currently retired from that job, but came back in different status supervising contracted radio repairs and upgrades.

Concurrently with the above, I've been a woodworker for over forty years (both as a hobby and side jobs) (Actually longer than that - My mother has some items I made in my father's shop when I was about ten years old)

It was only natural that I combine the two skills and end up looking for a CNC Router

The parameters I set myself for the machine were the following :

Small footprint - I'm working out of a double car garage - While I haven't parked a vehicle in any garage for the last thirty years, it can still be cramped. ( So many tools, so little time)

Working Area - I was initially looking for something along the lines of 24x48 but it became clear pretty quickly that the price parameters (see below) would drive this parameter

Conveniance - I was looking for a plug and play solution - All I had to do was buy a computer, load the software and plug it in to the CNC Router.

Price - Under $5 K ( plus or minus)

Software - This is another area where it gets real confusing. I was looking for a complete solution- I don't think it's out there- Most machines came with Control software , but from there on, it varies what you will actually get and what you will actually need (or prefer)

The bottom line is , in trying to make an educated choice , I developed a spreadsheet for comparison purposes.

It lists Manufacturers (with links) (what I could find anyway) Model numbers,Prices (where I could find them or recieved responses to price queries) - Work area , Type cutter (Router or spindle - almost all router), Type motors ( step or servo - almost all step at these prices), Shipping cost where listed , and Software included (and version where I could find it)
There are some blanks, where I either haven't recieved a response on price , or haven't had a chance to send a request.

If anyone is interested in recieving a copy of this , please email me and I will send it to you. It is a work in progress , as I probably won't buy for another 2-3 months . If you do elect to get a copy , I would appreciate feedback as far as missing manufacturers or models I may have missed. If the response is overwhelming , I may have to send out a bulk email, so you may want to add me to your contact list so it doesn't end up in a SPAM filter ( You can always delete me after you recieve it)

I'm hoping this will save time for a bunch of other people who are doing research on this ( and also give me more info if I missed any manufacturers or machines )

james mcgrew
11-02-2008, 2:13 PM
bob, we have one of our camaster fellows who does cnc work and is still in the military

www.myshadowboxes.com (http://www.myshadowboxes.com)

he uses a camaster stinger

www.camaster.com (http://www.camaster.com)

there is also the shobbot buddy
www.shopbot.com (http://www.shopbot.com)

Rebecca Hardesty
08-12-2014, 4:37 PM
Would you happen to still have the spreadsheet you were talking about? If so, please send one to: rghardesty@yahoo.com