View Full Version : Main Forum Q

Dave Anderson
02-14-2003, 4:21 PM
I understand that the Main Forum was completely hosed and everything was lost.

Are there any plans to recreate a Main Forum and start it from scratch or are you going to stick with the existing forums that are still up?


Keith Outten
02-14-2003, 8:02 PM
The Main Forum is gone and willnot be replaced.

The Support Forum with be for board questions, general information and a place to ask questions that don't exactly fit anywhere else.

The Power Tool Forum will be the Primary Forum for woodworking.

We will most likely add new forums to the list we have now, these will be for very specific areas like classified ads, laser woodworking, etc Before we add any more forums we will setup a poll and let everyone vote. The reason is that we don't want to split or fragment the main population into too many areas.