View Full Version : Spectra Plaques

Wesley Perreira
10-22-2008, 6:09 AM
Anyone ever tried these Spectra Plaques from PDU? In the catalog I see them display a white Spectra surface with the face of an Indian on it. Does anyone know if that is how a photo engraves or does it have to be color-filled? If color-filling is best, would you still use acrylic paints or is there some other type of paint that would best adhere to the plastic-type of surface without making a huge mess?

There is also a grey-colored Spectra Plaque offered, does anyone know how that one engraves too? Thanks..Wes

Wesley Perreira
10-22-2008, 5:59 PM
Well, after seeing that no one responded, I assumed that this prodect hasn't been used much if at all. I did order some and gave it a try. I used Photograv, with the plastic setting and burned it at 100sp and 20pwr on a 75 watt laser. The picture of the fish came out in shades of tan-brown and if it were a landscape photo I think it would look good enough. I decided to use acrylic paint, simply because no one told me otherwise and that's the only paint I have. It seemed to work alright.

Does anyone know of what can be applied as a protective layer over the Spectra and especially over the painted areas? I'd hate to use the lacquer that I have and it doesn't sit well on the plastic. Thanks...Wes

Martin Boekers
10-22-2008, 9:01 PM
Krylon makes a spray paint called "Fusion" designed for outdoor use and adheres well (and engraves well) I'm not sure if they have a clear coat or not.