View Full Version : A woman owns several McDonalds

Cliff Rohrabacher
10-20-2008, 11:47 AM
She had a Rat problem in a couple of them that just would NOT go away. Exterminator after exterminator failed to dent the rat population.
Clearly there were several hive queens somewhere in the neighborhoods where the little beasties were popping 'em out like ~ ~ ~ well ~ ~ ~ like rats.

One guy told her how to deal:
Take any Tobacco. Pipe, Cigar, or even a case of Filterless cigs. Grind it up and leave it outside - use lots of tobacco. I believe the idea was that the rats'll eat it and die. Either that or they are offended by it and when it is used around the building to be protected (which was his recommendation) they wont hang out near it.

It worked.

David G Baker
10-20-2008, 12:13 PM
Same cure works if a bunch of smokers are hanging around the outside of a building smoking, doesn't necessarily work on rats but will surely keep the customers away. :D

Frank Hagan
10-20-2008, 6:28 PM
I like the Rat Zapper (http://www.ratzapper.com/). No poison, no traps, and so far, no beneficial critters have wandered into it.

A little dry dog food and that night ZAP! the rat goes to rat hades. No mess, no fuss ... you just take the Rat Zapper to the trash can and tip it up so the carcass can slide out into the can.

I had 6 rats living in the greenspace behind my yard, and it got them all. I'll wait a few weeks and set it out again to get any of their friends.