View Full Version : A trip to Daytona Beach next week....

Mitchell Andrus
10-17-2008, 9:12 AM
Taking my son to Embry-Riddle for a college tour. We'll be in Daytona Beach the afternoon of the 22nd, and will have Thursday afternoon free and Friday until about 3:00 before going home. Not too much time to run around....

A quick side trip to Kennedy is on the radar, Disney et al is OUT (not cool for 17 yo)...

Anything else going on that we might want to do? Any REALLY GOOD ribs places????

Ross Ellis
10-17-2008, 12:48 PM
Kennedy is worth the trip. There is enough to see there to kill one of those days off. If you are into Nascar there is the Racing Museum (I can't remember exactly what it was called) at the track (I think on the same road as Embry Riddle). I'm not a Nascar fan but found the museum interesting. If you want to head north there is a pretty good sized alligator farm not to far north of Daytona. A little passed that toward St. Augustine is an old fort that is pretty cool. I'm horrible with names, but a google search should find you any of the above mentioned.

Art Mulder
10-17-2008, 4:33 PM
A quick side trip to Kennedy is on the radar, Disney et al is OUT (not cool for 17 yo)...

Quick !?!? How can you take a quick trip through Kennedy?

I was there last December with my family (4 kids aged 4-10) and it took us a day-and-a-half to see it all to our satisfaction.

Part of the challenge is that the bus tour/loop to get you to the Saturn V center adds on a fair chunk of time. I know, one dad and a 17 yr old can make time quicker than I did with 4 kids, but I still think that just going to Kennedy will eat up all the spare time you mentioned.

Note that Kennedy has a very nice feature in that your ticket is good for two days. Just get your ticket validated on the way out by the security guard, and you can use the same ticket to get in the next day.

Oh yeah, and Kennedy actually offers some nice discounts if you pick up one of those free tourist guide books at the tourist info center at the state border. I found this out after we'd gone, darn it.

But if you're going to pick and choose at Kennedy - Do go on the Shuttle Launch Experience - it's one of those rides where you simulate a shuttle launch. Do go see the Saturn V center. Do take a walk through the Rocket Garden. And usually one of the Imax movies is worth seeing also. Do spend some time in the gift shop (lots of cool space items). And finally, Do expect to pay through the nose if you buy food at their cafeteria.


Joe Pelonio
10-17-2008, 4:45 PM
Geez, I haven't been there since I did a cross country car trip in the summer of 1971 at age 19. I can tell you one thing, don't sleep in the car near the beach or the police will knock on the window! :eek:

I do remember ribs though, one of my favorites. Back then there were a number of places with a name followed by "rib shack" for some reason.
Like Fred's Rib Shack, or Betty's Rib Shack. We hit a couple but not only can't I remember which, but who knows if it would still be in business or any good. Hopefully someone from that area will help. I do remember that here were a lot of lovely young ladies at the beach, just think, they are in their 50s now!

Mitchell Andrus
10-18-2008, 8:38 AM
a lot of lovely young ladies at the beach, just think, they are in their 50s now!

Each wondering when... oh, when you'll be passing through again.

Clara Koss
10-19-2008, 2:30 AM
the best thing to do on daytona is park on the sand and relax....:o