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mike wallis
05-16-2004, 2:24 AM
I recieved My Epilog mini 35 watt this week and am very impressed to say the least. Everything has gone very smooth except for a minor shipping oops.
The setup was a snap, especally with the manul Epilog put together.I use a laptop with wireless technology and I can print to the engraver very quickly, even on the 802.11 b wireless card "older technology".
The Mini has a intergraded vector cutting grid as well a a vacum table which was a nice suprise since Epilog didn't advertise for a Vacum table on there site.
So far I have had very successful attempts including Walnut, Pine, Granite and Marble. The quality of the engravings has been outstanding at 600 DPI. I constantly find myself refering to this forum for tips and contribute this quick success to many people on this forum "especally Keith".
In all I think Laser engravers are the best thing since the Automobile, and the Mini is well worth waiting for.
Thanks to all for the invaluable info and a BIG thanks to Keith.

Shaddy Dedmore
05-24-2004, 9:53 PM
I was entertaining the idea of the mini as well, what can the 35watt do that the 25 can not, and also, What would the 45 do that the 35 can not.

Just wondering. I'm an extreme newbie to Lasers.

Would the 35 engrave glass, and can you vector cut glass with it?

What lasers make those little bubbles in the thick glass/acrylic? I was just at a mall, and saw a chunk of acrylic about 2"x2"x3", and it had a 3-d design in the middle, looked like needle point bubbles. Was that with these types of lasers?

ummmm, that'll all I can think of right now, i have a ton more Q's, but they jumped out of my head. Guess I should have started a new thread, but I wanted to know what prompted your decision on getting the 35.


mike wallis
05-25-2004, 1:35 AM
Hello Shaddy, im new to lasers as well and have only began to scratch the surface on what my machine can do. Im no expert to say the least, but I can tell you why I went with the mini.
To answer your question on the power difference, I went with the 35 watt over the 25 for two reasons; one, generally the more power/wattage the faster you can engrave. Second, higher Wattage will cut thicker materals. The 35 watt mini advertises to cut 1/4 wood inch easily while the 25 watt may require a second pass to cut through 1/4 inch wood.
The other factors that sold me on the mini was all the included options, like cutting grid/vacume table, air assist and of course the price.
Although I haven't tested glass yet, I dont remember reading anythig on cutting it, I think it can only be engraved "not sure".
Hope this gives you a better idea,


Keith Outten
05-25-2004, 5:57 AM

Sounds like you are on your way! It will take you about a year just to play with all the different types of materials and experiment with techniques and I'm willing to bet you will still be as excited about your laser for years to come. I am still constantly amazed at the things my machine will do. I just found a local vendor to purchase large sheets of leather and should have some very cool stuff to post pictures of soon.

Definately get some Corian scraps from your local cabinet shop and try some signs, Corian is absolutely fantastic to work with. I just finished the design for a couple of signs for two of our SMC members and should have them finished this week as well as some acrylic signs I'm doing for Christopher Newport University.

Have fun and don't forget to stay away from PVC materials! PVC will viod your warrenty and destroy your machine.