View Full Version : new ULS 25 owner - what can this do?

Scott Summers
10-02-2008, 10:27 PM
Hello All,
I Have an old ULS 25 40 watt that I recently purchased for personal shop use. Probably 20 watts by now. I had to do some repair work on it. The X/Y carriage was not working properly and the power supply in the laser was smoked. I have everything repaired now, but I havenít cut out anything yet. I just found out that the driver will only work on win98 or older. I ended up running Win98 in Virtual PC on my XP system. I joined this forum so that I can figure out what would be the best software to purchase.

Q: Can this laser engraver do anything more than vector engraving? Photos?

Q: Is there a driver that will work in XP?

Hey I appreciate any advice

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Mike Null
10-03-2008, 8:35 AM
Put a call into ULS tech support and put all your issues to them.

It's possible that your machine is no longer supported with parts, for example the tube, so I would ask ULS to provide you with your options in terms of making your machine usable.

When the tube loses power it generally happens rather quickly not over a long period of time. ULS may send you a meter to test the power of the tube. They charge for it then refund the money when you send it back.

Mike Mackenzie
10-03-2008, 2:03 PM

First off the ULS 25 only came as a 25 watt unit. If this is the 17.5 x 11 unit.

Second this system is 15+ years old it probably has the synrad AC tube on it and Synrad does not support those tubes any longer.

I am not sure where you got it or how much you paid for this system but you probably were given some bad info.

If you supply me with the serial number I will get you all of the specifics on the system and get back to you. (age, laser tube, if it has ever been changed and when, etc.)