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jeremy haneca
09-21-2008, 8:39 PM
Well, I've done some looking around and there seems to be a compatabillity issue with vista. My Cd is not 3.53 which vista needs. All I can find on previous posts are mercury files. Mine is an explorer 2. Help please, anyone with the drivers or links to the drivers could you please post? PS: Bought a used machine and I'm having registration problems with the GCC club, so I can't get the free drivers yet... Tyia

jeremy haneca
09-22-2008, 8:01 PM
Just to bump this a bit, I found out what drivers and firmware I SHOULD need, but because of the GCC issues I can't get them.


Explorer 3.33 Firmware complete with install directions and upgrader utility. Detailed video directions available below in the Movie category. When Unzipping, Unzip to C:\

Explorer Print Driver version 3.65 for Windows XP, 2000, and Vista. Vista users connecting via USB must also have firmware 3.33 as well. Instructions are available below in the bottom of the Instructions section.

I think I have 3.65, but I still need 3.33 firmware. Any ideas where I can get this? Thanks!

Jim Watkins
09-23-2008, 10:32 AM
Be sure you know whether or not you have Vista 32 Bit or 64 Bit.

When I bought my new PC, I didn't realize it had Vista 64 Bit and was really lucky that Epilog had at least a 64 Bit Beta driver. The 32 Bit driver was incompatible, so be prepared to let GCC know.

I would call them directly. I can't imagine that they would have a problem sending you their updated print driver. It's not really a "State secret" like propriaritary software or their files provided to their purchasers.

If they refuse, it is something the people on this site would need to know so they can weigh that accordingly before purchasing a used GCC machine.

jeremy haneca
09-23-2008, 6:15 PM
ill give them a call and see how it goes, so far ive just been working with my laser dealer and my own research. ill be sure to post results.