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mark page
09-21-2008, 9:05 AM
Got back home very late Friday from the 2 weeks in Denver. Was a very long two weeks but I don't see how the company could have cut it shorter. There was a vast amount of information to go over. All in all it was a good 2 weeks. I actually enjoyed most of it. Jim, you are very right, the hotel/surrounding enterprises was in a big field. Talk about an area for future growth....
With only one day off, several of us rented a car and drove the hill. Pike's Peak was beautiful till the top. We encountered my first snow and ice of the season. Was cold and 40 mph winds up there.
Good Gawd, the prairie dogs there. I'll never bitch about a mole in the yard again:eek:.
It was a good experience, but still, there is no place like home.

Steve Clardy
09-21-2008, 1:20 PM
I've been to the Peak twice, several years back :rolleyes:

First time, there was only a brick surround with a viewer that you dropped a dime into to get to look around.
Second time, they had 1 building up. A rest room.
We all went in, having to pee real bad after the long ride up.
You had to plug a quarter into the door to get it open. :confused::confused:

Well no one had any quarters, so we just went outside and did our thing as no one else was around. :D

Jim Becker
09-21-2008, 7:33 PM
Wow...two weeks already? LOL That went "fast" on this end!

'Glad you got to do Pike's Peak. I drove it the first time...with a coworker I practically didn't know in the passenger seat and she was white as a sheet from the experience. This time on our vacation, 'took the train from Manatoba Springs. That was a very enjoyable experience.

I suspect this might look like a somewhat familiar spot...


mark page
09-21-2008, 8:34 PM
Yep, very familiar.
Was out of breath just walking across the parking lot up there. Hey Steve, they now have a proper place to pee. No quarters needed!!!!:D They actually have a gift shop, place to pee, and a small diner area!!!!!! Plus what looks like a cell phone tower area, that's in the background of Jim's pic. No more need to pee ice cubes:D:D:D As an edit: I didn't have to remind the driver to keep both hands on the wheel. Sight seeing was for the passengers only!!!! Was joking about transplanting a prairie dog to the top of the peak and watching what a psychotic adventure he would have.....Then I was reminded that they were called prairie dogs and not "mountain dogs" lol.

Steve Clardy
09-21-2008, 8:52 PM
No quarters needed!!!!:D No more need to pee ice cubes:D:D:D


Yea I remember it was rather cold and the wind blowing at about 300 mph.
I don't think it ever hit the ground.:rolleyes::D

Jim Becker
09-21-2008, 10:06 PM
Then I was reminded that they were called prairie dogs and not "mountain dogs"

But if you had rode the train, you would have seen all the Marmots on the way up. You're basic mountain version of the ground hog. The Pika were very cute, too... And then there were the big-horn sheep and the herd of elk.

Kevin Arceneaux
09-22-2008, 3:02 AM
I would like to make it out there one day.

My 20 month adventure in Hawaii is about to come to an end. Not bad for a project that was only supposed to be 5 months. I am tired and want to go home, only been home 4 weeks so far this year and that is a serious drag.

I have a feeling my next will be in the NY/NJ/PA area. We have a ton of work in that area.

Jim Becker
09-22-2008, 7:40 AM
I have a feeling my next will be in the NY/NJ/PA area. We have a ton of work in that area.

I believe that will facilitate a lot more 'Creeker visits than sunny Hawaii allowed you!

Kevin Arceneaux
09-22-2008, 11:01 AM
I am looking forward to it. For some reason, I never thought about it when I was in Pottstown on a project at Limerick Power Station.