View Full Version : Ex F1 driver Riccardo Patrese

Kevin Arceneaux
09-18-2008, 9:35 PM

This is a riot, esp. if you speak a little Italian.

I love the look on her face when he points out the camera

Bruce Page
09-18-2008, 10:15 PM
That was hilarious!


Jim O'Dell
09-19-2008, 4:12 PM
I don't speak a word of Italian, but I manage to understand the arm jestures. :D That was pretty funny. Wonder what the speed was that got her so excited? Couldn't have been much more than 100-120...given the car they were driving. And even that seems pretty tame for that area of the world. Jim.

Jim Mattheiss
09-19-2008, 9:33 PM
That was funny. . . She even flipped the Italian good luck sign!

I think it was the speed thru the turns that did her in.

He looked like he was on a Sunday drive . . .


John Shuk
09-20-2008, 9:51 AM
My wife acts that way at 70 sometimes. She thinks 70 is too fast until she is driving.