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"Jacob Robinson"
09-18-2008, 8:35 PM
anyone else affected by the wind storm in the ohio valley??

I've had a little Sawmill withdraw, the power has been out for out for 4.5 days and boy it finally feels good to see some artificial light!!

Sure gives me a new perspective on hurricane victims

Mike Heidrick
09-18-2008, 9:22 PM
...or to generator owners.

Charlie Barnes
09-18-2008, 10:08 PM
I live just east of Cincinnati. We were only out about 5 hours Sunday. Friends within a mile of us were out for 2 days. Some guys at work are still out and are being told that it could be several more days before their electric is back. We lost about 30 shingles, so it wasn't too bad considering everything. (See attached photo.)

We had wind gusts up to 80 MPH. I think that barely qualifies as a cagetory I hurricane (with no rain). It really gives me new respect for the folks on the gulf coast that face this and much worse on an annual basis.

Thomas Williams
09-18-2008, 11:37 PM
Just got power back this afternoon, did not get Internet or cable back until this evening. We were lucky enough to have a generator to keep the freezer working. Also, gas water heater and a gas stove. So other than no lights we came through well.

Clint Winterhalter
09-19-2008, 12:09 AM
I live in West Chester. The power was out for 32hours at my house.. Thank goodness it was cool outside..

I was lucky.. We only lost the tab's on a few shingles. The yard was littered with sticks.. Nothing major..(If you don't count the food we had to toss from two fridges)..

The concept of 4way stops at intersections W/O power seemed to escape some folks..

I now have an extra tank for the grill, a stash of batteries, 10 gallons of distilled water and a new battery back up for my computers. I don't care about keeping the computer running during a blackout, it was handy to recharge cell phones. My old unit was due for an upgrade.. I tried to talk the LOML into a back up generator... No dice..

I hope the 150K still in the dark get power soon. I never thought you could have hurricane winds in Cinci.. I was WRONG..


Randy Klein
09-19-2008, 5:57 AM
The concept of 4way stops at intersections W/O power seemed to escape some folks..


I never lost power, but did lose cable and internet. And with 3 kids, that's nearly as bad...

alex grams
09-19-2008, 8:03 AM
No power yet down here on the west side of Houston where I live (though I still have to go to work... am running out of clean clothes!). Scheduled to get it back late Monday... so another long weekend :(