View Full Version : Windy Day in Ohio!

Mike Conley
09-14-2008, 9:03 PM
We had high winds here in SW Ohio today from the remants of Ike. We had wind gusts over 70 MPH in the area.

It did a number on my roof and the neighbor's roofs, tore siding off of houses and downed trees.

There is an old farm house behind us. An old tree fell onto the house and on a propane tank and punctured the tank. Thankfully it did not explode or catch on fire. The fire department came out and kept water on it for quite a while.

Wade Lippman
09-14-2008, 11:00 PM
I am sorry to hear that; since we are getting it (WNY) tonight. Fortunately the center is heading toward Toronto instead of us.

There isn't much chance the propane would have done anything. With something to ignite it, it might have caught fire; but it couldn't have exploded.

The website, in it's infinite wisdom, is showing me ads for roofing and tree contractors. I hope its wrong.

Chris Rosenberger
09-14-2008, 11:55 PM
We had high wind in east central Indiana also. Lots of trees down. Electric was out most of the day. In one small town, a tree fell near railroad tracks. The tree hit an electric pole. The wires were over head above the tracks. The wires ended up sagging over the tracks. A train came through the town, caught the wires & ripped hundreds of feet of powerlines & lightpoles down. My sister lives in an old 2 story farm house with several very large white pine trees next to the house. The top 30+ feet came out of one of the trees & landed on the roof. Limbs came through the ceiling in an upstairs bedroom. If it had been a newer home the tree would have split the house in too.

Kevin Arceneaux
09-15-2008, 12:51 AM
Now you cannot say that the south does not share. :)

Ken Fitzgerald
09-15-2008, 12:59 AM
My youngest son lives in Pearland, TX. They had winds over 104mph. His house damage....initial lowball estimate by his neighbor who is a building contractor....$50,000 and that was before his kitchen ceiling collapsed 5 seconds after his wife left the room. His neighbor said the water damage was such the outside walls of the house will have to be stripped, insulation removed and the house dehumidified and then repaired.

I'm just glad the he and his wife are alive and they have hurricane insurance. The $3,000 annual premium looks pretty cheap to them now.

Jim Sears
09-15-2008, 4:37 AM
Just had some roof damage here at my house. Lots of little tree limbs came down, but luckily nothing major. My newly sided woodshop held together without loosing a single piece of siding. The electric was out for about 14 hours. Came back on at 4:00 am this morning. I was beginning to have caffeine withdrawal. Will have to call the insurance company later this morning and see what they want to do about the roof. Sorry to hear about you guys who didn't fare so well. Hopefully you all have insurance to cover it.