View Full Version : Making ipod docs today

Steve knight
09-13-2008, 2:35 AM
I make these high end ipod docks. Well I do the woodworking. My customer does the electronics.
But anyway here I am making 5 in a strip out of glued up bamboo plywood.
They get hollowed out with a straight bit. The first cut is a climb cut at 18000 rpms to make sure there is no tearout. Then the rpms go down to 10000 for the hogging. The speed is 1.5 ips with 80% stepover. .65 each pass. Sometimes that can be an issue and the chips can be full length and jam the dc hose.
sorry about the blurry picture in too much of a hurry to get home I will get better ones tomorrow.


here is the video
Then I make a 12 degree angled cut for the plate that has the ipod jack in it. I make the plane too and I will have some pictures.
Same bit 8000 rpms for the drill cuts then 12000 for the base cut and faster for the through hole.

Making these was a job to get everything dialed in and fit right. I had three vacuum pods I made from them when I did the last batch. My clamping jig was faster and far easier to setup.
Doing the top cut this was new the first time I did it they did not have the plastic fitting. It was pretty tricky to get it to fit right. the first cut is at 18000 and a climb cut then down to 12000 for the rest of the cuts.


Then onto the side for the holes for the jacks and power and such. I will get a better picture of the hex hole but it is cool and holes the nut well. Tomorrow I will get videos of the vcarving the logo I guess and more pictures of the parts.