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Brian Robison
09-09-2008, 10:57 AM
Hi Creekers,
I have 1 clock shape in Corel but it won't work for this project. I didn't see any in the clip art I have. Any one have clock shapes out there?

Scott Erwin
09-09-2008, 2:59 PM
Are you looking for the clock face with a specific shape or something to mount the clock into ? - Sorry I have a couple of clock faces I did for fun, never put them into production or tested, but was looking at them for possible Christmas gifts....

Brian Robison
09-09-2008, 3:04 PM
Hi Scott,
Was looking for the clock shapes. Mantel, wall, banjo....
I've drawn the face, it went pretty easy once you figure out how.

Scott Erwin
09-09-2008, 4:04 PM
By the word 'was' I am guessing you got it figured out....Glad you got it figured out...if you did...If you didn't then let me see what I have in my stash that my help...I did a banjo a long time ago for something else..let me see if I can dig it up.

So you gonna let us in on the project ?

Frank Corker
09-09-2008, 4:15 PM
I don't know if any of these will be of use to you, but hey! you asked for clock clipart mister.

Brian Robison
09-09-2008, 4:32 PM
I can show you my mock up.
It's for awards, you know, "make something unique"
and "I'll leave it up to you"

Brian Robison
09-09-2008, 4:36 PM
Frank, don't you Mister ME Mister!:D
I guess I didn't explain well. I'm looking for
Vector cutting the shapes of clocks. Like this one (I think I got off of here.

Frank Corker
09-09-2008, 5:00 PM
I'm sorry when you said has anyone got any clock clipart I was totally mixed up.

Frank Corker
09-09-2008, 5:59 PM
I've only got these. That said, some of the other one's that I posted may work, they are all eps files so they are scaleable

Brian Robison
09-10-2008, 8:05 AM
Thanks Frank. The B&W mantel one is a nice one.