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Howard Rosenberg
05-07-2004, 10:30 PM
short answer is... yes.
I fell off the wagon one eve early March.
Otherwise I'm still smoke-free - but STILL experience heavy mood swings (they're worse with The Patch and Zyban).
The itch/urge/pang is STILL as bad as ever - it's STILL all I think about - all day long - my beloved unfiltered Camels...
Thanks for your answer re the stain only on cedar.
All the best.

Todd Burch
05-08-2004, 12:40 AM
Howard - hold the line buddy. You can do it. Your Grandkids will thank you.

Steven Wilson
05-08-2004, 2:17 AM
The pangs will be with you for a long long time. I've been smoke free for 3 years now and I still want one sometimes. The intensity does lessen over time though, so good luck.

Joe Tonich
05-08-2004, 8:00 AM

It's been around 8yrs. now since I quit (cold turkey). Smoked for 20+ yrs. and was up to 4-5 packs a day. I still get the urge to light one up (Especially after a good meal or when I first wake up) but it DOES go away! Every time the urge comes up I think of my 2 sons. They were my reason for quitting. My neighbor is giving it a shot and she says that the nicotine "tablets" work for her. So far so good! If you want I can find out the name of them. Keep the faith. I know you WANT to quit (half the battle) by lasting this long, and I'm SURE you CAN! Just think of your Grandchildren and all the other reasons you have to stop smoking and you will make it.:)

Keep hanging on, we KNOW what your going thru.